YouTube sensation Rebecca Black has left her school in California to be homeschooled because of constant bullying by classmates and to focus on her career.

"It's hard to go to school when you are so famous and to have kids constantly making fun of what's going on," she said in a statement to Contact Music.

After Black's sound "Friday" took YouTube by storm, she said students at her Orange Country public school tease her so badly that she has elected to be homeschooled by her mother.

"When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice," Black said to ABC. "Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Her mother, Georgina Marquez, said the move is also so the 14-year-old can focus more on her career. "She certainly did not need that kind of pressure," Marquez said.

Black is no stranger to bullying. After her music video for "Friday" amassed 167 million views, or half of the U.S. population as ABC depicts it, Rebecca Black received tormenting criticism.

Users commented statements like, "You suck at singing," "I hope you go die," and "I think you should get an eating disorder because that will make you prettier," on her video and even has received death threats, prompting her mother to hire a bodyguard.

However, the career-minded Rebecca Black remains positive in her quest for fame, something she admitted to ABC that she has yearned for since the age of 5.

 "I think if I hadn't had to deal with that in the past then I totally would have handled this differently and I would have gone down in burning flames. But I've learned that you just can't let it get to you," Black said.