Big news, music lovers, Rebecca Black's new song My Moment will be released next Monday, July 18. Fans -- or mean-spirited Internet commentators -- of Rebecca Black's viral hit Friday will be pleased to hear that the My Moment music video, which features the 14 year-old Black at red-carpet events and receiving an award at her middle school, will be debuted shortly after.

The new Rebecca Black song was written by Brandon Blue Hamilton, who has penned tracks for Justin Bieber, and Quinton Tolbert.

Rebecca Black became an overnight sensation this Spring when her song Friday was discovered on YouTube. The sugary, uninspired lyrics and kitschy music video sky rocketed the teenager to fame, and she has since appeared on the Tonight Show, on various morning talk shows, and in a Katy Perry video.

The Friday video has been taken off YouTube by Ark Music Factory, the vanity-project music studio that wrote the song and produced the video for Black. At one point, the Friday video had nearly 200 million views.

Black is also working on a five-song album, which will be released in August.