Reginald Reg Traviss, the boyfriend of late singer Amy Winehouse, has been charged with two counts of rape after allegations were made against him in January.

Reg Traviss' alleged victim has not been identified, according to the Daily Mirror. Traviss, 35, allegedly raped the woman between December 29, 2011 and January 1, 2012, Rebecca Mundy, a lawyer at the Crown Prosecution Service's London Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Unit, told the Daily Mirror.

I have authorized the Met police to charge Reginald Traviss with two counts of rape, Mundy told the paper.

Traviss had been arrested on the charges in April and the alleged rape was reported in January.

Traviss, a film director with five credits to his name, the latest being 2011's Screwed, was Amy Winehouse's boyfriend for two years, up until the time she died of alcohol poising last year at 27 years old.

Reg Traviss is scheduled to appear before a magistrates' court on July 17, according to AFP.

Although the Grammy-winning Winehouse struggled with alcohol and drugs -- which inspired her hit song Rehab -- her death shocked the music world and those who knew the London-based singer who was known for her unique, soulful style.

I can't describe what I'm going through, a devastated Traviss told The Sun following Winehouse's July 23 death, which he called untimely.

I want to thank all those who are mourning the loss of Amy -- such a beautiful, brilliant person and my dear love, Traviss told the tabloid.

Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch Winehouse, revealed Wednesday on WNYC in New York that his daughter and Traviss planned on starting a family.

They were trying to have children and they would have got married too, Mitch Winehouse told the radio station.

Winehouse added that he chose not to handle his daughter's problems with drugs and alcohol by using tough love.

Some people can adopt the tough approach, and I can't. I couldn't abandon my daughter, he said. We tried to protect her in the best way that we could.