HOLY ROYAL DRAMA! Episode 14 of “Reign” dropped a major bombshell on fans – a royal bun in the oven. With Mary and Francis’ wedding fresh behind us, the news of a baby should be joyous for the French castle. The only problem is that it’s not Mary who is pregnant with Francis’ baby … it’s Lola! But the drama doesn’t end there. According to E! News, “Reign” fans can expect Lola to get married by the end of the season.

Episode 15, “The Darkness,” will find the ladies celebrating “First Light,” an event where the women of the castle “mingle with potential suitors.” Needless to say, Lola is “reluctant to participate,” which causes Mary some distress. Mary believes that the “First Light” ceremony will be the “perfect opportunity” for Lola to find a husband and pass off the baby as his.

“It’s a pretty urgent situation for Lola,” actress Anna Popplewell told E! News. “She has a ticking time bomb in her belly right now.”

During the ceremony, Mary will arrange a suitor for Lola. And while it seems like a nice gesture, Lola has some “understandable objections to the suitor.”

Is Lola being picky about her suitors because she’s in love with Francis? Popplewell doesn’t believe so.

“I think that when she and Francis got together, I think that that was just both of them recognizing in each other someone who didn’t want to be at French court, didn’t want the life that they knew they were so fortunate to have in some ways, and kind of bonding over that,” the actress dished to E! News. “It was a mistake, but I understood in the moment why she made it and how she made it.”

So if Lola isn’t after Francis, does that mean Mary’s marriage is safe? Not exactly.

“It’s not just Lola’s future at stake, but also Mary’s future with Francis,” Popplewell continued to TV Line of Lola and Mary’s decision to lie about the baby.

But the real trouble could brew if Bash finds out about Francis’ illegitimate child. Bash’s love for Mary will lead him to look for any weakness that could get between Mary and his half-brother. But he’ll have his hands full trying to protect Rowan’s family when they get “chosen.”

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