Can Mary and Francis’s marriage survive a bastard child? That’s the question on the table when Season 2 of “Reign” premieres on the CW.

Fans of the period drama will remember that the Season 1 finale concluded with Mary finally coming clean to her husband about his baby with Lola. Mary had promised Lola, her lady-in-waiting, that she’d keep the baby’s paternity a secret, however Mary had no choice but to tell Francis when Lola’s labor took a deadly turn. Mary initially gave Francis her blessing to go to Francis, however the rise of the plague forced Mary to give him an ultimatum – her, the castle and his country or Lola and his baby. Francis chose to go to Lola, leading Mary to close the castle gates behind him.

Thanks to previously released spoilers we know that while Mary’s feelings were definitely hurt, she’ll still be worried about Francis’s safety when Season 2 of “Reign” picks up. Hope seems to remain for the two royal lovebirds, but the same can’t be said for Mary’s friendship with Lola. An extended Season 2 synopsis teases that Mary will struggle to control her animosity towards her remaining lady-in-waiting. While Mary has displayed nothing but kindness and loyalty in the past, Lola and Francis’s child will “serve as a constant reminder that Mary has not yet produced an heir of her own.”

“Her childless state diminishes Mary’s power in the eyes of the court and only adds to the danger she faces as she tries to control the nobles, maintain her marriage and rule over a nation forever changed by pestilence and famine,” continues the synopsis.

Fortunately there is still hope for Mary and Francis to have a child of their own. Executive producer Laurie McCarthy told fans at San Diego Comic-Con that the royal couple will definitely be trying to have a “Frary” baby in Season 2. But viewers will have to wait and see if they’re successful!

Fingers crossed that baby news is the big cliffhanger that the “Reign” writers tweeted about at the beginning of August. “Reign” Season 2 will premiere on the CW on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 9 p.m. ET. What would you like to see happen between Mary, Lola and Francis? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.