Resident Evil 6 trailer has been released by Capcom. The game, which has been given the release date of November 20, 2012, features franchise heroes Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield (lead characters) and a number of new characters in its latest series.

While Leon's story is centered around Tall Oaks, a city similar to Raccoon City that succumbs to a T-virus outbreak, Chris's story takes place in China. There is a third storyline that revolves around an unidentified new character along with Ashley Graham of Resident Evil 4, reports

Earlier, there were speculations that Capcom might have outsourced the game to a Western developer. However, now it is confirmed that the iconic survival horror series is being developed by the same internal Japanese team that has worked on its previous entries, says the report.

There are speculations that the developers of Resident Evil 6 are probably aiming at a cross between the action/horror blend of Resident Evil 4, which was undoubtedly the best in the series so far and an action-oriented Resident Evil 5, which was also received with a lot of enthusiasm by players.

If the report is correct, then it will be the first time that a major entry in the series would be featuring two male protagonists, unlike the previous entries where the protagonists were always of the opposite sex.

Check out the official video below: