If you thought episode 21 of “Revenge” was burning up with drama, just wait until you get a gander at the coming installment, “Plea.” According to the episode 22 synopsis of the hit ABC series, fans can expect Emily (Emily VanCamp) to enlist the help of her two main men, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Jack (Nick Wechsler), to assist her in proving her innocence.

When “Aftermath” concluded on Sunday, viewers learned that Victoria (Madeline Stowe) had one last trick up her designer sleeve before burning Grayson Manor down -- with herself still inside: Victoria made her suicide look like murder (and Emily look like the one who murdered her).

“By the time you received [this] I’ll no longer be among the living,” Victoria said in the video message she made for her archnemesis. “I'm going to make it appear as though you murdered me in your own home. You never had the guts to kill yourself, but I do. May you suffer greatly.”

Oh, and she will. Thanks to Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) secretively dumping Victoria’s blood and hair into her car, Emily has been arrested for the murder of the Grayson matriarch. (Enter Victoria’s villainous laugh here.)

And although it’s safe to say both Nolan and Jack would jump through fire for their leading lady, there’s one Hamptons hottie who wouldn’t mind seeing Emily rot in jail. The summary teases that Ben (Brian Hallisay) will “take measures to keep Emily locked up.” It looks like there is something even more dangerous than a socialite with a vendetta: a scorned boyfriend with a badge.

Emily dumped Ben in episode 20 when she was forced to choose between the officer and her first love. Ultimately, Em opted for the latter and raced to the airport to try to catch Jack before his flight left for L.A. But of course, she was a moment too late.

Emily-Jack shippers did, however, get the moment they were waiting for in episode 22 when Ben openly admitted to his former partner that his ex-girlfriend had chosen Jack over him.

“You won, Porter,” Ben stated. “She chose you.”

But will Em’s lover be able to free her from behind bars so they can start the relationship they’ve always dreamed of?

That’s not the only question we have before Season 4 concludes (the last episode is set to air Sunday, May 10). In the promo video for “Plea,” Emily states that not only does she believe Victoria got outside help for the setup, but she also thinks her former mother-in-law is still alive.

“I know she’s alive,” Emily says to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) before squeezing her throat.

Fans of the hit ABC drama should also prepare themselves for the return of a beloved character: Charlotte (Christ B. Allen). David’s (James Tupper) other daughter will return from rehab in episode 22 following her mother’s death. And we have to admit, we’re anxious to see how she’ll react when she learns her half-sister is the one being accused as her mom’s killer.

What do you think will happen in episode 22 of “Revenge”? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories and don’t forget to tune in to “Plea” on Sunday, May 3, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.