Multiple fan pages appeared on Facebook as soon as Zeddie Little's photo from the race went viral, with thousands of fans rapidly hitting the like button. However, a new Facebook page appeared Friday with a new profile photo (apart from the ones of the race) and in a day, the account got 6,890 subscribers.

Although a request to the creator of the page to confirm his identity has not been responded, the account is very active and is also linked to his Twitter page, where he has more than 14,000 followers already.

The twitter account brief about himself reads: That photogenic guy from the internet..., and has people around the world sending him tweets like:

@TheZeddieLittle can i have a retweet, i havent done anything, i just love you, Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic.

@TheZeddieLittle You're even popular in Turkey. Wonders of internet.

@TheZeddieLittle You're becoming popular in Italy too ;)

@TheZeddieLittle can i have a retweet, i havent done anything, i just love you, Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic.

@TheZeddieLittle ive been awake for almost 24 hrs now and in the last 3 hrs i spent looking at your picture and the memes. Im addicted.

The 25-year-old man, who shot to fame during a race, now has thousands of people following him on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr (if the account owner is the real Zeddie Little).

His Twitter and Tumblr accounts are overflowing with messages and he is supposedly responding to each and every fan who is tweeting him, asking him to respond back, or retweet their tweets.

But Grayson Little, whose Twitter and Facebook page says he is also from South Carolina, claims that Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Zeddie Little is his brother and that the Twitter and Facebook pages with thousands of followers are not his brother's.

@Anneykins @thezeddielittle is not #mrridiculouslyphotogenicguy it's a fake account! I know because #rpg is my brother reads one of his tweets.

Please retweet this @thezeddielittle is not my brother#mrridiculouslyphotogenicguy do not follow @thezeddielittle, reads another.

Grayson Little is also asking people to help him take down the account of the fake Zeddie Little. @TheZeddieLittle this isn't the real Dessie little he is my brother take this account down or let people know your arnt really him! he tweeted.

Also, he uploaded a picture with a woman and another young man (perhaps, his brother) with a caption The photogenic siblings! Yep you can see the #mrridiculouslyphotogenicguy takes after me! My brother is famous!


Grayson With Zeddie Littlle? Grayson uploaded this picture on his twitter account. Image Credit: Twitter

The man in the picture certainly resembles famous Mr Little, but the facts are yet to be verified and confirmed.

Well, we also have reasons to doubt that the real ridiculously photogenic guy would actually open a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account, and sit back to answer all the queries put forward to him. From what we know of the real person, it can be concluded that he is not someone who would want to claim his fame.

Zeddie Little was reportedly stunned with all the fame and popularity bestowed upon him by the world and did not want the attention.

I've talked to him.  He says he's trying to lay low.  He doesn't want the attention, Will king the man behind the photo that went viral had told

Also, Little's father, Zeddie Little IV, (who also goes by the name Jack), spoke to Charleston City Newspaper and said that Little has always kept to himself and he deserves the attention that he is getting.

Oh, I'm excited for him, Jack said. Yeah, I mean he's always been very quiet and very conscientious and never wanted any attention, and I think he's very much deserving of it.

He also has said that his son, a New York resident, moved from Charleston to Brooklyn and has taken up a job at a PR firm for a music venue, reported.

Jack describes his son as ambitious and smart, interested in food and someone who is in tune with what is happening in New York.


Zeddie Little After Race Picture. Image Credit: Facebook

So is that really you Mr Ridiculously Photogenic guy? Or is it someone else? Perhaps, it's time you came out and spoke to the world and revealed your identity.