Most celebrities are too busy to reply to the many messages they receive from fans on Twitter and other social media networks, but not Rihanna. Over the weekend, she responded to a fan who reached out to her on Twitter about relationship advice.

“Hey Rih, I hope it’s not a bad time to message. Just been down lately and wondering if you had any words of encouragement. Trust issues with men,” @Jamar84 wrote Rihanna in a private message on Twitter.

Surprisingly, the 25-year-old stunner quickly responded, saying, “Anytime I have trust issues, I often assume that it has a lot to do with myself. Most of the time it’s difficult to differentiate. Intuition and insecurities! But no one ever wants to wait to figure it out. Whatever we do, we don’t want to feel stupid! So we tend to jump the gun with no evidence to back it up.

"That’s the biggest mistake anyone could ever make," she continued. "My advice, which is exactly what I’ve done, is if s--- isn’t making sense to me, I’m out. I mean cold turkey! I always need to step out of it to see it for what it is cuz I refuse to let a man play me. If he has no respect, he just doesn’t! But you don’t have to allow it or be bound by it [sic].”[[nid:1510460]]

Rihanna certainly has a lot of experience dealing with relationship issues after her tumultuous one with Chris Brown that ended earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Barbadian native is celebrating her latest musical triumph, after landing her 13th No.1 song last week. Her song with Eminem, “The Monster,” topped the Billboard 100 chart last week, and she's now tied with Michael Jackson for the third most No. 1s in the Hot 100’s history.