Rihanna is known for showing off her killer style and sexy curves in racy outfits in music videos and on stage, but on Wednesday the Barbadian beauty went a bit further, posting a new topless photo to her Twitter account.

In the photo, Rihanna can be seen in a model-type pose, covering her chest region. She is wearing a black bottom and her hair is loosely pulled up in a bun. Rihanna, who some may say is an exhibitionist, sports and innocent, good girl look.

The racy photo is accompanied by the caption Where have you been all my life?!

Some say that the photo is a jab at Rihanna's ex Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran who she has been reportedly feuding with via social media.

Rihanna took a shot at Tran, writing, Sweeter than a rice cake, cake worth sipping. Some speculate that rice cake what a shot taken at Tran's Vietnamese heritage. Rihanna later tweeted a photo of a rice cake allegedly dressed in Tran's signature hoop earrings and sunglasses.

Tran didn't back down and took to her Facebook page, posting the lyric I win you loose!!! [sic] *nicki voice*

A friend of Tran later posted another verse from a Nicki Minaj song, I'm Angelina, you Jennifer / C'mon b-tch, you see where Brad at.

Rihanna then fired back with some lyrics form Lil' Kim, a rival of Nicki Minaj, noting I'm a leader, yall on some followin sh-t...comin in dis game on some modeling sh-t!

However, it seems the topless photo of Rihanna is from her video shoot for her song Where Have You Been.

Video shoot goin MAJAH!!! Longest day everrrrr tho!!! Rihanna tweeted hours after posting the topless photo.

According to MTV's RapFix, Where Have You Been is produced by Calvin Harris and Dr. Luke. It will be the latest single off Rihanna's recent LP Talk That Talk.