Rihanna rolling a blunt on her bodyguard's bald head. (We've all been there, amirite??)

Well, I guess we know how Rihanna is celebrating 4/20!

Over the weekend she tweeted a photo of her sitting on the shoulders of her bodyguard, but then she took it to another level by posting a photo on Instagram of her...chopping up lines of powder on his head? Rolling a blunt? It's hard to say what exactly it is, but it sure looks incriminating! (A lot of the tabloids tried to play up the incident by claiming she was cutting lines of cocaine, but to us it looks like a bunch of broken up weed and a blunt wrap in her left hand.)

She was also photographed by Getty hitting what appears to be the butt end of a blunt (why not just roll another, RiRi?? Don't burn your fingers!).

Regarding the controversy, MTV posted from its Twitter account: Yikes. @Rihanna's marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy, along with a link to their article on the incident.

Rihanna later replied, referring to herself in the third person: @MTV Yikes... @rihanna ran out of f***s to give...yikes is right!

She also rang in the 4/20 holiday with a few weed-related tweets:

This is, of course, not the first time Rihanna's been photographed with illegal substances. Two months ago in Hawaii she was caught by the paps smoking a blunt (this one a bit longer) on the beach. And then there was her 24th birthday party, when her friends had a cake made depicting Rihanna (or Robyn, her real name) literally riding a giant flaming blunt (and not in an entirely unsexual way!).