Rihanna recently dyed her hair platinum blonde for a photo shoot for Elle magazine. The Internet exploded as people clamored to see shots of the R&B superstars freshly colored locks. However, there is more to Rihanna's look than just blonde hair. Her platinum locks have spurred a new, vampy fashion style.

The 23-year-old has never been known as a wallflower, but with her peroxide locks, she seems to be exhibiting her vamp side even more.

This weekend Rihanna was seen leaving Greystone Manor nightclub in West Hollywood. She wore a vintage leather Chanel biker cap, a cutaway chiffon basque, ripped skinny jeans, black booties and bright red lipstick. She piled on gold jewelry to complete the look. A body chain could be seen wrapped around her stomach through the mesh material of her top.

When Rihanna first revealed her bleach blonde look, she posed topless in a photo posted to Twitter. With strands of gold necklaces around her neck and black cheery lipstick, Rihanna showed fans her new hairstyle.

She posed for the Elle magazine editorial in cut-off denim shorts, a chunky white off-the-shoulder sweater and thigh-high black boots. Later that evening, Rihanna attended a basketball game wearing the same outfit, only exchanging the denim cut-offs for black leather pants.

Rihanna was seen days later in the denim-cut offs and black leather thigh-high boots again, only this time she paired them with a fitted white and orange striped sweater.

The Barbadian beauty has also been since seen in a denim jumpsuit and black pumps.

The new vampy style looks amazing on Rihanna, who is a chameleon when it comes to fashion. Some of her blonde hair style essentials include gold jewelry, red lipstick and sassy wardrobe pieces.

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