If you visit Twitter now (Sunday, Jan. 29), one of the current trends on the social networking site will give you a shock. It appears that British pop singer Adele has become one of the victims of the latest round of Twitter death hoax as RIP Adele has been trending for a few hours now.

The Adele death hoax followed similar false rumors of celebrity deaths on Twitter, including those of Demi Moore, Cher and Rihanna, over the last couple of weeks.

When I saw RIP Adele trending I nearly died from the sickness in my stomach, one Twitter user wrote.

I did check twitter more than a few times though. The whole RIP Adele was really scary, another tweet read.

While the singer herself has not taken to Twitter to debunk the hoax, her fans on the social networking site have flooded with messages in somewhat of a counter attack on the myth.

'RIP Adele' She is NOT dead people!!!!, one user tweeted.

That awkward moment when RIP Adele is trending, and she probably doesn't even know she died, another post read.

I dont even listen to adele and got sad for a sec when I saw RIP Adele trending. Glad its fake. Whoever started that is a douche, read another tweet.

Interestingly, some of the Twitter users tried to alter the meaning of RIP Adele from Rest in Peace to Really Inspiring Person.

Who ever made RIP Adele TT, fudge off! and thank you who ever you are for making 'Really Inspiring Person Adele' up, one Twitter user posted.

OMG! when I saw the trending topic RIP Adele my heart dropped. But it means Really Inspiring Person Adele.., another tweet read.

Considering that the singer has been nominated for six Grammy awards, including album of the year, record of the year, and song of the year for her second album, 21, the tag Really Inspiring Person certainly fits her.

In addition, the British pop singer set records this week after her album 21 has completed 17 weeks atop the Billboard 200 chart.

Adele has also made it to the top spot on this week's Hot 100 chart. Her latest single, Set Fire to the Rain, is the third successive Number One hit from 21.

According to Nielsen SoundScan tracking, the song managed to sell 185,000 copies during the past week, pushing its total downloads past the two-million mark, Voice of America reported.