Twitter was blazing away with references pointing to the death hoax of pop sensation Justin Bieber. R.I.P Justin Bieber become a trending topic on the social networking site Sunday night.

The death rumor came just a day after fans of Bieber and boy-band One Direction joined forces against Sydney Dalton, better known as Beiber's public number one enemy.

Several hard-core fans of the teen sensation tweeted their concerns, while most of the posts flooding Twitter were nothing less than sarcastic banter. Some users slammed the hoax saying all is well with Beiber.

So far Bieber hasn't acknowledged the rumor, but was posting tweets from his page around the same time the death hoax had started making rounds on the micro-blogging site. Great day fishing. time with grandpa doing the simple things in life. great day, the 18-year old had posted the same day.

This is not the first time fans have heard of Bieber's death. The Baby star had previously fallen victim to Twitter's infamous death hoaxes numerous times in the past. Bieber, in fact, has a dedicated facebook page entitled R.I.P Justin Bieber, 1994-2011. This just goes on to say that the artist probably has more haters than fans in the cyber world.  

Here are some hilarious tweets on Bieber's death rumor trending on Twitter.

- RIP Justin Bieber @justinbieber This is like the 10th time you've died boyy. Obviously you don't live by 'YOLO'

- RIP Justin Bieber is such a disrespectful trending topic. Everyone knows SHES still alive. < LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL That's so harsh!!

- RIP Justin Bieber? lmfao hahahaha! heyyy @justinbieber some people are killing you again, the question is: WHYYYY? Hahahaha

- RIP Justin Bieber is trending ?? Let's all end violence against Women.

- RIP Justin bieber. One direction infection

- RT @absolutpositiv: RIP Justin Bieber. He has more lives than a cat.. So much for #YOLO.

- So I'm not the only one who wants to RIP Justin Bieber's clothes off? Must not be, it's trending. You mad haters? ;)

- Twitter don't you ever trend something like RIP Justin Bieber again unless its true. You have no idea how much you got my hopes up.

- RIP justin bieber , the best day in my life :D

- RIP Justin Bieber, that's cool. Dear Twitter, when will you kill one direction?

- RIP Justin Bieber is trending... Don't worry everybody, it's not true... she is completely fine!

-I don't find this RIP Justin Bieber trend funny at all. Nobody should wish death on a harmless teenage girl.

- RIP Justin Bieber? Oh now over a million teenage girls become widows, i'm sorry.

- RIP Justin Bieber? Finally twitter killed the right person.