Ron Paul's legions are fighting back against accusations last week that he stormed off the set of a CNN interview.

CNN has released the full, uncut interview and Ron Paul's people are sharing it on the Internet -- quick to note that the reports that he stormed off an interview with Gloria Borger were misleading.

CNN finally released the full interview. It shows that Ron Paul didn't storm off - the interview was over, wrote RonPaulcom in posting the full inteview on YouTube.

News agencies had reported that Ron Paul blows a gasket over questions on race statements, storms out of CNN show, as a headline read in the National Post.

Yet the full interview reveals it didn't quite happen that way.

Just like every other 24/7 news network, CNN is in the business of sensationalizing information to keep people watching. One of the reason's RP is largely being ignored by the mainstream media is found in this clip -? he won't play their game the way they want. He doesn't want to waste time talking about petty bulls*** and things that have no relevance to the *real* issues the country faces. Hopefully people will wake up and pay attention to what is really important, wrote Riddley313.

Let's be real? here guys. Ron Paul is the only person who is sane. He has the credentials to back that up. He is prudent, circumspect, responsible, logical, etc., and will help America profoundly, wrote JohnSmith99923.

See the full uncut video below: