If Rush Limbaugh hasn't already offended enough young women across America, today's comment might just do it. On this morning's show, the controversial radio host made another insulting inference aimed at the female population.

What is it with all these young single, white women, over-educated doesn't mean intelligent, he said.

He then went on to criticize authorette Tracie MacMillan, who penned the book published last month, The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee's, Farm Fields and Dinner Table.

For example, Tracie MacMillan, the author of this book, seems to be just out of college and already she has been showered with awards, including the 2006 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism, he said according to the show's transcript.  Social Justice Journalism. This woman who wrote the book on food inequality, food justice, got an award for social justice journalism.

This is following Limbaugh's previous jabs at Georgetown University's Sandra Fluke, calling her a slut and a prostitute after the student voiced concerns about contraception.  As a result, major advertisers such as Carbonite, Citrix, Legal Zoom and others pulled sponsorship from his show.

 Blogger for The New York Daily News, Alexander Nazarayan, expressed distaste for the radio personality's provocative views.

Crazy right? Not only did a woman (just out of college, no less) manage to write a book all on her own, but she thought she could go out and challenge our love of bacon bits and onion rings? Silly girl, Nazarayan wrote in response to Limbaugh's comments on MacMillan.

Although Limbaugh posted a brief apology, clarifying that he did not mean a personal attack on Fluke, that may not be enough to subdue angered listeners. Twitter users posted their reactions to Limbaugh's commentary against MacMillan.

Rush's new target--single, educated woman who wrote a book on inequality to health food, wrote one user.

Uh-oh, Rush doesn't like educated single food writer women either, tweeted another.

And Nazarayan echoed these sentiments, expanding on Limbaugh's skewed gender views.

There is something pathological, though, in Limbaugh returning to this theme as he faces the opprobrium of pretty much the entire nation, he wrote. He seems incapable of disguising, let alone discarding, his view that women are inferior in both mind and body.