New sanctions against key sectors of the Russian economy by the United States are “destructive and myopic,” Moscow said Wednesday, a day after U.S. President Barack Obama said the penalties “will make a weak Russian economy even weaker.”

The sanctions, against Moscow’s banking, arms and energy sectors, are an attempt to dissuade economic development in Russia and suspend credit that encourages Moscow-bound exports. In response, Russia’s foreign affairs ministry said Russia was being unfairly punished over the developments in Ukraine, which it blames on the U.S.

“We have repeatedly spoken about the illegitimacy and groundlessness of the US sanctions against Russia. Washington will gain nothing from such decisions except for further complication of Russian-American relations and the creation of an unfavorable atmosphere in international affairs, where the cooperation between our countries often plays a key role,” the foreign affairs ministry said.

"The U.S. administration, straining to create the appearance of "consistency" in its current behavior is, in fact, merely trying to avoid responsibility for the tragic developments in Ukraine. It is not Russia but the Kiev regime and its overseas patrons who are guilty of a growing number of civilian casualties in the eastern regions. In his pompous, prosecutorial manner the White House, covering for the bloody military operation of Kiev which, contrary to all international norms, has sunk to rocket attacks on peaceful cities, continues to put forward baseless claims against us," the ministry went on to say.

“One gets the impression that the U.S. sanctions pressure ... has one goal -- to get even with us. ... Please also note the obvious elements of unscrupulous trade and economic competition in the U.S. actions. The losses that Washington will sustain from such a destructive and myopic policy will be very tangible.”