Rejoice, heathens! “Salem” returns with the Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on WGN America. However, it’s been a long time since we last saw Mary Sibley and her group of Essex witches in the horror show. To quickly jog your memory, here is a quick recap of the Season 2 finale.

“Salem” ended last year with Mary (Janet Montgomery) and her lover John Alden (Shane West) being unable to stop their son John Jr. (Oliver Bell) from becoming a vessel for the devil. Lucifer is now on Earth in the child’s body thanks to Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant), who gave the child to Countess von Marburg (Lucy Lawless) in order to save her husband Cotton Mather’s (Seth Gabel) life.

Struck with grief over losing her only child, Mary has a showdown with the Countess in a church. The blazing church becomes the perfect setting for their heated battle. It is only when Anne drops by, begins to cry and washes the church with water when their battle ends. The Countess is a water witch and since Anne is her biological daughter, she too, has the gift.

Speaking of Anne, the wife of Cotton has become a very powerful witch now. Gone are the days when she a naïve young girl who wanted to rid Salem of witches and witchcraft.

The “Salem” Season 2 finale also showed the various powerful witches in Salem meeting the devil. The fallen angel makes it clear that he wants Mary to be his bride. He tries to act like a child in front of her but she knows he isn’t her boy. She rejects him and leaves.

The other witches who meet Lucifer aren’t so lucky. The devil boy knows the deceptions and lies Mary’s former servant Tituba (Ashley Madekwe) has fed her. He orders her to leave Salem in exchange for her freedom. Tituba quickly leaves Salem and walks through the woods. But the devil boy isn’t so forgiving. He sends a pack of vicious crows that peck on her and devour her flesh. It looks like she is dead.

Another person that is dead is Alden. Mary stumbles on Alden’s near dying body. She is weak since the Countess ordered her son Sebastian (Joe Doyle) to kill her. And as proof she wants all of her blood. Sebastian still loves Mary and only took enough blood to make it seem like she died. She has only a small amount of blood in her body to keep her alive.

However, Mary still loves John and feeds her all of her blood. She sacrifices her life to save her lover’s. John wakes up beside a dead Mary.

Meanwhile, the devil learns of the Countess’ order to kill Mary and is furious. He stabs her multiple times while Sebastian looks on.

Elsewhere, Cotton learns that his new bride is a witch and freaks out. He threatens to tell the Magistrate of Salem the truth. Running out of options, Anne stuff her rat familiar down Cotton’s throat and seals his fate as the next George Sibley.