Sam and Nia Rader, who rose to fame through their YouTube channel welcomed their third child together Thursday. The Christian vloggers went public about Nia having suffered a miscarriage in August 2015.

A video posted to Sam and Nia’s YouTube page detailing the moments before the birth of their daughter, Juliet, as well as her actual birth and the special bonding afterward. The 16-minute vlog reveals to fans of the couple that Nia gave birth via cesarean section. Sam was able to capture the procedure, filming Nia, who is awake and alert throughout the entirety of the process, as well as Juliet’s removal from her mother’s womb. Following the birth, Sam and Nia’s older children, Symphony and Abram, were allowed to meet their baby sister.

In October 2016, just two months after going public about their miscarriage, Sam and Nia shocked their family by announcing that they were expecting again. The couple did so by placing a hamburger bun in their oven, videotaping their mother’s reactions. While it took a moment for the pun to click with both women, once they figured it out they were overjoyed. The couple was then tasked with sharing the news with their other children, which they did by organizing a scavenger hunt.

The exciting news could not outweigh the tragedy the vloggers and their children suffered just months prior. After learning that she was going to be a big sister yet again, Symphony can be heard telling her parents that it will only happen “if this one doesn’t die.” Her father quickly explains to her that “this one’s going to make it.”

“We’ve got to pray for it, OK?” he said.

Sam and Nia announced their third pregnancy in August. Just three days after sharing the exciting news, the couple made another vlog to discuss their miscarriage, People magazine reported. This sparked outrage among fans, who questioned whether the pregnancy had been real in the first place, according to Buzzfeed.

Miscarriage controversy isn't the only drama that has plagued the Rader family. Weeks after their miscarriage, Sam’s name was featured among a long list of men using Ashley Madison, a popular site for married men seeking affairs. The YouTuber insisted that his wife and his church had been made aware of the account, which he said he made several years prior. Sam assured fans that he had been forgiven and had never actually met anyone off the site.

The couple has shared no further updates about the birth of their third child.