When the Daily Mail published Samantha Brick's women hate me because I'm beautiful article they probably knew that the backlash against the somewhat pompous opinion piece would be enormous. In fact, it's very likely that the article was published to intentionally trigger an angry response that would drive internet traffic to the Daily Mail's website (online this is called trolling). The latest development in the Samantha Brick saga is a slew of visual spoofs on Brick's photograph, some clever and some inane, that have been uploaded to Twitter and other user-sharing websites.

Samantha Brick has taken the internet by storm, becoming a top search keyword as people search for images on information on the writer, who is married and lives in rural France.

Commenters on the original article have attacked Brick's looks. One wrote, I am sorry, but this woman is not even remotely attractive, at least by the standards of NYC. Another claimed, I would actually not see you if I passed in the street - you are beige - forgettable.

This hasn't deterred Samantha Brick, who stands by both her claim to being pretty as well as the argument she laid out in the Daily Mail. Brick even appeared on British TV to defend herself.

Do I think I'm good looking? Yes I do. Is that a crime? Brick told Eamonn Holmes on ITV, adding, Women do not like attractive women. I suggested the article after waving at one of my neighbours in France, someone whose boys play at my house, and she totally ignored me. It got me thinking about how the Sisterhood attack beautiful women,

Brick also compared herself to actress Gwenyth Paltrow, who has faced a backlash of criticism after launching a blog focused on beauty products.