Samsung enthusiasts already expect to see the Galaxy Note 3 unveiled at or around the IFA Expo in September, but now a report has singled out a specific launch date for the device: Wednesday, Sept. 4.

An inside source has told Android Geeks that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 announcement will take place at special press-only Samsung Unpacked event during the media preview days prior to the IFA Expo, which will be held from Sept. 6 to 11 in Berlin. The tipster also divulged that Samsung will begin advertising the Sept. 4 event in August.

While unconfirmed, most are confident that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 debut will in fact be in conjunction with the IFA Expo. Reports surfacing as early as March have proposed as such and have remained consistent while many other rumors for the Galaxy Note 3 contradict themselves.

Samsung has similarly unveiled its predecessor Galaxy Note phablets in line with IFA. The original Galaxy Note was announced at IFA 2011 in September and released in October, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was announced at the Berlin Radio Show in August 2012, which took place just before the opening of that year’s IFA event, and released in September.

There is currently no word on when the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be available for sale; however, we expect the device to see its release date about a month after its unveiling. An autumn release is not uncommon for a Galaxy Note device. The release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to coincide with the release of the iPhone 5S, allegedly coming Sept. 20.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Which Rumors Are True?

As we said previously, rumors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 consist of a number of conflicting reports. The device will reportedly feature either a 5.7-inch display or a 5.99-inch display and is also proposed to have either an LCD screen or an AMOLED screen, or both. Some have considered that Samsung may release the device with display variants similar to how it releases some devices with either an Exynos or Snapdragon processor chipset.

While many appear to have settled on the Galaxy Note 3 featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, largely due to Samsung’s known component shortages, AG notes there is still a chance that the manufacturer could outfit the device with its own Exynos 5 Octa chipset clocked to 1.8GHz, such as what is seen in the Korean variant of the Galaxy S4.

Reports suggest that the device will begin production in August, which falls in step with a release not long after, likely in late September or October. Many also expect the device to have a design similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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