Besides having a larger screen than the iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S2 smartphone makes a perfect holiday gift because it is fully customizable. With the Google Android system inside, Galaxy S2 owners can make their device exactly how they want it, even if that means leaving it just the way it is. That's actually not a bad idea because in the next couple months, a new Android system update will be coming out. It's called Ice Cream Sandwich and is the Android 4.0 version of the software. Coming with it will be a host of new features that will be just as tweak-able as the current 3.2 version.

Furthermore, no matter who you buying a Galaxy S2 for, there is a good chance it will work with their carrier because it runs on AT&T, Sprint (where it's called the Epic 4G Touch) and T-Mobile. Besides having a different name on the Sprint network, the AT&T version will have a slightly smaller screen than the other two versions. Whichever network it runs on, your giftee will appreciate the Android goodness and huge display. Start the slideshow to see ten reasons it makes a perfect holiday gift. Tell us in the comments if you think a smartphone is an excellent gift or if it's too much of a hassle.