Samsung Galaxy S2: Top 10 Large Screen Android Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note is the Largest Android Smartphone
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  • Galaxy Note
    Is it a tablet? Is it a smartphone? It doesn't matter what you call the Galaxy Note because at 5.3-inches it could be called a tabletphone. It even comes with its own stylus so you can write on it. It's available in an unlocked version for about $700 and is a GSM compatible device. (Won't work on Sprint or Verizon) Reuters
  • Galaxy Nexus
    Incredibly, there is still no release date for the highly anticipated Google phone, Galaxy Nexus. It should sell fast because it's got a 4.65-inch screen, is 4G enabled and will debut the Android 4.0 system called Ice Cream Sandwich. It will debut on Verizon only, but there is no word on if or when it might be available on other carriers. Reuters
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
    One of the most popular smartphones out ther, the 4.3-inch screnn Galaxy S2 is one of the iPhone's main competitors. It's super fast, has great color contrast, is super lightweight and even has an NFC chip for wireless tap-to-pay ability. Reuters
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Samsung's Galaxy S2 comes in three variations, and two of them have different large screen sizes. The AT&T variant, called the Skyrocket, has a 4.5-inch touchscreen display, and it's not even the largest Samsung device! Samsung dominates this list, but that shouldn't be a surprise because they are the largest smartphone maker in the world. They have three of the largest Android phones out of the top five, and the Skyrocket is fifth one.

There are actually quite a few 4.3-inch devices out there now, so this list will give you a good indication of which ones are actually the best large screens, not just the largest screens in general. Furthermore, larger doesn't always mean better, so while the largest screens get higher ranking on the list, that doesn't mean they have better resolution or more responsive touchscreens. Although some people don't like smartphone displays that are too large, there are still plenty of smaller sizes to choose from that are top notch (like the iPhone). Spoiler alert; the first two devices on the list are not available in the U.S. They are available in unlocked versions however, and they can be had for around $700 on Amazon. Start the slideshow to see the top 10 large screen Android smartphones.  

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