Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Samsung

Samsung has released a 4G version of their ever expanding line of tablet computers, and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is now on the AT&T network for just under $500 with a two year contract. Compared to the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Tab 8.9 looks to be superior because it's larger, is 4G enabled and runs the Android system. But savvy consumers are getting hip to the now deeply discounted PlayBook because of its solid build and unique operating system. So who will win this seven inch (or thereabouts) version of the tablet smackdown?

It's true that the PlayBook is smaller than the Galaxy Tab 8.9, but depending on what you do with it, that might not matter. If you are using your Galaxy Tab 8.9 to watch movies on, then yes, it would be the better choice than PlayBook. That's even more true if you live in one of the handful of cities where AT&T's LTE service is up and running. The Galazy Tab 8.9 runs Android 3.2 and could see an eventual upgrade to the new Ice Cream Sandwich version next year. Samsung makes solid tech, and that's why Google teamed up with them to build the Galaxy Nexus, the first device to come with Ice Cream Sandwich.

But, the PlayBook is now on sale for just $200 and does not need a data plan or two year commitment. Furthermore, a software update for the PlayBook in early 2012 will give it access to the Android Market world of apps. In fact, right now, the $200 BlackBerry PlayBook might just be the single best tech purchase you can make. It even has micro-USB and HDMI ports that Galaxy Tab 8.9 does not. The PlayBook wins the smackdown here, and it really is a smackdown because the specs tend to favor the Galaxy Tab 8.9 for size, speed and even screen resolution. So run, don't walk, down to your favorite gadget store and tell them to put you down for a PlayBook.

Let us know in the comments if you are a tablet convert or if you are strictly a laptop kind of person.