Following the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, there was a concern that the new Samsung flagship smartphone might miss out on CyanogenMod (CM) support as some of team Hacksung/ CyanogenMod members doubted the fate of the CM custom ROM in terms of the Galaxy S4.

However, the official CyanogenMod Google+ page quickly clarified things saying that it was an individual opinion on behalf of Team Hacksung, not CyanogenMod as a whole. The official CM post said that they would wait until the Samsung Galaxy S4 hits retail stores before making any comment on whether to support or not to support the device.

Last week, Steve Kondik, the lead developer behind the entire Cyanogen project, put all the rumors to rest when he took to Google+ to announce the very first CyanogenMod builds for the Galaxy S4 that are currently available for the T-Mobile and Canadian variants of the handset.


Kondik said that the international variant of the Galaxy S4 with the model number GT-I9505 would also get the CM support at some point in the future once they get hold of the device. He did not clarify whether the GT-I9500 or other Exynos Octa variants would also be supported.

Meanwhile, the owners of the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919) and the Canadian version of the device (SGH-I337M) can download the first CM 10.1 builds via the links given below:

T-Mobile variant

Canadian variant

The file name of the firmware builds include a part mentioning “EXPERIMENTAL” which “is normal for on-demand builds that were triggered outside of the normal nightly schedule,” a report from Android Police said.

“This happens for initial snapshot builds a lot when they're first released so that we don't have to wait half a day for the next scheduled build time,” the report added.

In addition, CM 10.1 builds in question for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are in “nightly” stage, and therefore could be a little rough around the edges. As Kondik explained, "there are a few rough edges still, but will be ironed out in short order and you should be able to use it as your daily driver without serious issues."