It appears that T-Mobile users cannot wait to get their hands on the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S5. The mobile network had a pre-registration page set up not long after the Galaxy S5 was announced on Monday and has garnered over 100,000 pre-sale inquiries in two days from consumers interested in the upcoming device.

T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert tweeted about the accolade on Wednesday, stating that it is a new pre-registration record for the carrier. However, some commentators are a little more cynical, noting that the contest to win a free Galaxy S5 handset, which consumers are automatically entered into when pre-registering for the device, may be the reason for the influx if inquiries. Even so, Sievert believes the Galaxy S5 launch will “be big” for T-Mobile.

High interest in an upcoming Galaxy flagship is nothing new. Shortly after the Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced, reports indicated that the popular European retailer Carphone Warehouse garnered four times the pre-sale interest for the Galaxy S4 than it received for the Samsung Galaxy S3; though the retailer did not share its exact sales figures. Notably, pre-sale interest is not a precise indicator of how the phone will fare once on the market.

This time around, Samsung has adopted a “back to the basics” strategy for the Galaxy S5; in addition to a host of new features, the manufacturer is putting an emphasis on features, which it says are most important to its customers. These features include: a simple yet powerful camera, faster and seamless connectivity, and to track fitness. The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 16-megapixel camera with fast autofocus tech, selective focus and HDR rich tone; full LTE coverage (up to 8 bands in any region), as well as WiFi MIMO 802.11ac, a download booster, which prompts speeds up to 400Mbps; and a built in heart rate monitor and updated to the S-Health apps. Though the outlook for the Galaxy S5 was uncertain prior to its unveiling, Forbes suggests that the public response to the Galaxy S5 thus far has been positive.

Meanwhile, the price of the T-Mobile Galaxy S5 model leaked on the network’s website on Wednesday, TMoNews reported. A visitor to stumbled upon a placeholder for the Galaxy S5, which lists a retail price of $672 for the upcoming device. Samsung recently indicated its approximate retail value for the Galaxy S5 at $700, within the rules of its Galaxy S5 give away. T-Mobile similarly listed it ARV for the Galaxy S5 at $668 (alongside a S-View Flip Cover), while Sprint listed its ARV for the Galaxy S5 at $649. While approximate retail value may not be definitive pricing for a device, it can be a decent indicator of how much a device will ultimately cost. TMoNews says that the placeholder price may similarly not be the actual price of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but is likely not far off. If accurate, that retail price would be broken down into 24 monthly payments of $28 under T-Mobile’s Uncarrier program.

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