The Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a host of new and updated features such as its rugged IP67 rating, its 16-megapixel-rear camera and its fingerprint scanner, but that is not the only thing users will find on the upcoming flagship. Samsung is also including $576 worth of free premium apps and subscriptions with its “next big thing.”

Featured on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 website is a detailed list of all the gifts included with the purchase of the device. Below is a quick rundown of what users can expect. Many perks notably coincide with Samsung's renewed health initiative; others, such as the PayPal offer, promote new features on the Galaxy S5. One of the Galaxy S5 finger scanner functions is to authenticate PayPal accounts with the user’s fingerprint.

Runkeeper: 1-year premium subscription ($20 value)

Lark: 1-year premium subscription ($36 value)

Skimple: 6-month premium subscription ($42 value)

Map My Fitness: 6-month premium subscription ($36 value)

Wall Street Journal: 6-month subscription ($160 value)

Bloomberg Businessweek+: 1-year subscription ($30 value)

Paypal: $50 in special offers when buying from your favorite stores using Paypal

LinkedIn: 3-month premium subscription ($75 value)

Blurb: $5 coupon to create your own book

EasilyDo Pro: Free download ($5 value)

Cut the Rope 2: $10 of in-game credit

Flick Dat: Free download ($2 value)

Box: 50GB extra storage for 6 months ($60 value)

Bitcasa: 1TB extra storage for 3 months ($30 value)

Evernote: 3-month premium subscription ($15 value)

Samsung projects the Galaxy S5 release date as April 11. Official pricing details have not yet been revealed, but several reports indicate that the Galaxy S5 will have the same premium pricing seen on previous Galaxy flagships.

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