Samsung's latest foray into tablets comes with the highest display resolution thus far in the emerging electronics product segment

The tablet has a 10.1-inch Wide Quad eXtended Graphics Array (2560 x 1600) PenTile RGBW tablet display. The PenTile RGBW display is a ultra-high LCD, which has never been used on tablets previously.  In the mobile market, this type of display has only been used on smartphones, such as the iPhone.

The display's 300 dpi and resolution makes it far better visually than the iPad, which sits at 1,024×768 resolution. It also makes it able to play 1080p video, which requires a display resolution of 1920x1080. In addition, Samsung says it uses less power than other displays.

Samsung's PenTile display technology is the only display technology that operates at 40 percent less power yet provides twice that of Full HD-viewing performance for consumers compared to legacy RGB stripe LCDs. There is no other commercial display technology on the market today that offers this high of a resolution and pixel density in a 10.1-inch size display, Dr. Sungtae Shin, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics, said in a statement.

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