Want a Dick Tracy watch? Get ready to pay for a data plan. Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch can make phone calls, receive texts, browse the web and use apps, but to do all that you'll need a data plan to the tune of $5 a month.

T-Mobile became the first to reveal data pricing for the Gear S on Thursday, a $5-per-month data plan that will allow the watch to function as a second line for T-Mobile customers, granting them unlimited talk, unlimited texting and unlimited data, 500 MB of which will come as high-speed data through T-Mobile's LTE network each month.

The watch will retail for $349.92, but you can pick one up for no money down, paying for it in monthly installments of $14.58 for the next two years.

Samsung's release about the device says that the new "network-connected wearable means you no longer have to keep your phone with you every waking moment." The premise is that you'll be able to go out for a jog, stream your Internet radio stations and still receive text messages -- all with your phone left behind at home.