Samuel L. Jackson is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Association on Prizeo and is getting a little help from Reddit. Jackson promised to a monologue of the site's choice if his charity efforts reached $150,000 and complied on Wednesday with the release of his take on the “I Am the Danger" monologue from the fourth season of AMC's "Breaking Bad" when donations surpassed the requested amount.

Jackson had previously asked for Reddit’s help in reaching $100,000 in donations and delivered last week with a video that had the actor announcing his retirement from acting and becoming a crime fighting vigilante. Jackson’s video received more than 1 million views on YouTube.

In the "I Am the Danger" monologue, Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, explains to his wife, Skylar, played by Anne Gun, his involvement in the drug business, emphatically stating he’s not “in” danger” but danger itself.

Jackson delivered his own intense rendition of the monologue and, after posting the video to YouTube, once again asked Reddit’s help to raise more money for Alzheimer’s research and care. If Jackson’s charity efforts reach $175,000 in donations, he will record a voicemail message for three Reddit users.  

With nine hours to go and the popularity of Jackson on Reddit, that should be an obtainable goal. Surprisingly, the recorded messages and monologues from Jackson are not even the biggest prizes being offered through the Prizeo charity auction.

Donors contributing to Jackson’s cause could win a weekend with the actor for themselves and a guest in the UK, where he is hosting a celebrity golf tournament. The grand prize also includes lunch with the actor and tickets to the Shooting Stars Benefit Gala Dinner, being held June 15. There are also tiered prizes: A $200 donation gets donors a signed Kangol hat, while a $100 donation gets contributors an autographed photo. A $10 donation gets an e-card, while a $25 donation gets users an exclusive “thank you” video clip. Sharing Jackson’s cause can also lead to prizes.

Watch Jackson’s take on the “I Am the Danger” monologue below.