Actor Samuel L. Jackson declared his undying support for President Barack Obama this week by starring in a web video that tells uninterested voters to "Wake the F*** Up."

The three minute and 41 second video, which parodies his own audio recording of the mock children's book, "Go the F*** to Sleep," is narrated by Jackson and shows a tale of disenchanted Obama fans who have seemingly lost interest in the campaign.

The video features a female character named “Little Suzy,” whose family once adamantly supported the Obama campaign but has since dialed down their support.

With the help of “Little Suzy,” Jackson dissects the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to show what could potentially happen if he is elected. At the same time, he urges the people of all ages to “wake the f**k up” and vote.

The video is followed by a message that indicates it was funded by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, a super PAC supporting Obama. The group has made other humor-based videos, including a video last week on Voter ID laws that featured a brash performance by comedian Sarah Silverman.

Last year, Jackson made headlines when he narrated the audiobook version of "Go the F*** to Sleep," a satirical children's book that relates to frustrated parents who try to tuck their kids in at night.

When Audible Inc. released the six-minute recording as a free download, it received 160,000 downloads in 48 hours.

Check below to watch Samuel L. Jackson in the "Wake The F**k Up" Obama 2012 Ad.


"Wake The F**k Up" Obama 2012 Ad