Santa Claus is currently in Azerbaijan and his next stop is in Armenia. Soon he will be in the United States to deliver tons of gift to well-behaved boys and girls.

NORAD and the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) have been tracking Santa's movement every Christmas Eve for about 50 years, as he embarks on a journey around the world to make children happy.

Santa spends four minutes at every location because he has to travel many miles. Places along Santa's journey includes Africa, Europe and South America.

Santa will get to the U.S. some time later this evening.

What is even better is that NORAD allows you to follow Santa in Google Maps or Google Earth, and see a trail of gift that show where Santa has made his stops so far this year.

Here are four tips for tracking Santa in Google Maps:

1. Google Maps has all of Santa's entire route and a trail of sparkles will show Santa's recent stops. Therefore, you can follow him on each of his routes.

2. You can watch videos from each of Santa's stops by clicking on the video icon that is present along the routes.

3. If you really want to know more about Sant's locations, you can zoom into a location by scrolling with your mouse or by using the zoom slider in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. You can change map types by using the buttons in the top righthand section of the screen.

4. Panoramic views of the locations are available and you can click on the present icons to browse the photos available.

You can start tracking Santa and watch his every move here.

Watch a live stream of Santa below:

Watch live streaming video from norad at