Sarah Palin told Oprah Winfrey that she once thought she was watching herself when comedian Tina Fey impersonated her on Saturday Night Live.

The 30 Rock star played the former Vice Presidential candidate during the presidential campaign period last year. The segments aired on NBC's SNL where she mocked Palin's interviews on national television with ABC's Charlie Gibson and CBS' Katie Couric.

I thought it was me. She is very good, she is very talented, Palin told Oprah.

Palin also told Oprah that when she met Fey, the comedian's daughter Alice kept on looking at both of them in awe. Palin had appeared on an episode of SNL during the campaign.

I said to [Tina Fey], we are confusing your child, Palin told Oprah.

Palin explained to Oprah that someone had pointed out to her that she resembled Fey. Palin also noted she had dressed as the comedian on Halloween.