Sasha Baron Cohen has preformed yet another epic stunt, turning up to the Oscars dressed in character as The Dictator and sprinkling mock ashes of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il over Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

The actor/comedian was rumored to be banned from the awards earlier in the week after rumors circulated that he would attend dressed as the satirical title character from his new film.

The academy quashed the rumors, saying he wasn't banned but they were waiting to see what he would do.

The academy did stress, however, that a red carpet stunt to promote his new film would not be welcomed at the awards. We don't think it's appropriate, the prospect of Cohen hijacking the red carpet to plug his movie, an academy spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter.

On Sunday Cohen turned up at the 84th Academy Awards dressed in character as General Aladeen from The Dictator. Accompanied by two female bodyguards reminiscent of Muammar Gadhafi's, he claimed to be carrying the ashes of Kim Jong Il, whose face was displayed on the container he was carrying.

In a interview with Seacrest he claimed that Kim's dream was to have his ashes sprinkled over the red carpet and Halle Berry's Chest, at which point he bent down and spilt the ashes over Seacrest's tuxedo.

Even Seacrest, who has faced many stunts as a host for E! Online, looked completely shocked after the incident. He wiped off the dust as security came in to escort Cohen away, which has since gone viral on Twitter.

Anything can happen and it most certainly did, all over my lapel, Seacrest said in response to the unexpected incident.

Cohen is a 40-year-old British actor who rose to fame through his HBO series, Da Ali G Show, which was then followed by Borat and then Bruno. Cohen is known for attending award ceremonies in character. He turned up to the MTV Video Music Awards as Bruno--a homosexual fashion enthusiast. The stunt attracted attention from millions of viewers around the world.

Here are four other stunts performed by Cohen:

2009 MTV Movie Awards: Baron Cohen dressed up in character has Bruno, entered the awards flying above the crowd and crashing down into Eminem's face.

Interviewing Ron Paul: Thinking an Austrian journalist would interview him, Paul faced an interview with Baron Cohen, again in character as Bruno. The interview quickly became inappropriate and Paul made a hasty exit.

Paris Fashion Week: Baron Cohen showed up at Stella McCartney's fashion show, and was quickly escorted out by security for being loud and inappropriate.

Borat Premiere: In his memorable entrance, Boran Cohen arrived at the premiere of his film, Borat in a carriage pulled by a team of women.