“Scandal” left viewers with a major cliff-hanger at the end of episode 13, and fortunately fans won’t have to wait long to find out the outcome. Episode 14, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” will air on March 20 and unveil the aftermath of the deadly ending.

For those that missed the explosive 13th episode, Sally was ready to come clean to the world about killing her husband, Daniel Douglas. Olivia discovered the hand that Cyrus played in the cover-up, and in an effort to save Fitz’ re-election, asked him to throw the debate to encourage Sally to keep her mouth shut. Olivia’s plan worked out as planned, but no one was ready for a third party to enter the Daniel Douglas murder ring.

Despite Cyrus discovering James’ betrayal, he decides not to have his husband murdered. In a shocking and unexpected move from Cyrus, he understands what led James down the path to Publius and forgives him. But that doesn’t mean James is in the clear. While meeting with David, reporter Vanessa Chandler and the NSA employee who leaked the call to David, he and the others are surprised to discover that Jake gathered them together. Channeling his inner B613, Jake shoots Vanessa Chandler and the NSA employee … before turning to look at James and David. The episode ends with Jake firing one more shot, with the audience not knowing who takes the final bullet.

So, what can “Scandal” fans expect from episode 14? The major death to be revealed!

According to a leaked synopsis for “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” Sally will be setting up a meeting that will send the White House “into a tailspin.” Is the meeting being planned to come clean about murdering Daniel Douglas? Nope! Instead the vice president is meeting with the National Rifle Association.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Huck will “come to shocking realizations.” Since the pair are aware of B613’s doings, could they possibly gain scoop on what Rowan or Momma Pope is up to? Or perhaps Olivia and Huck made the frightening discovery that it was Jake behind the deaths of Vanessa Chandler, the NSA employee and our mystery main character (David or James).

But that’s not all. Pope & Associates will also get a visit from a surprising person who needs its help. Is it James? Rowan? Momma Pope? Sally? The possibilities are endless!

Episode 14 of “Scandal” will air on ABC on March 20 at 10 p.m. EDT. Check out the promo video for “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” below and take our poll about the mystery death. Send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop with your death predictions.