“Scandal” dropped a major bombshell during their Thursday, Oct. 31, episode -- “More Cattle, Less Bull.” For weeks fans of the ABC series have been speculating about Operation Remington and episode 5 finally exposed a dark secret that could put an end to Fitz and Olivia for good.

Former B613 members Huck and Jake decided to team up to get dirt on their tormentor, Olivia’s father, Rowan. While Rowan was out to his (forced) Sunday dinner with Olivia, Jake broke in to download files from his computer. Sending the encrypted files on over to Huck, the pair were able to uncover footage of the President having a meeting with Rowan -- and it definitely wasn’t a friendly conversation.

Turns out that Fitz hasn’t seen Rowan in 20 years, but Rowan is the same old villain, “standing in the shadows and pulling strings.” The President accuses Rowan of wanting Peter Foster dead from the beginning and that he’s killing for a secret that no one on this planet is looking for. However, Rowan warns him that someone IS sniffing around Operation Remington.

Angry that his conversation with Rowan got nowhere, Fitz heads back to the White House where he asks Cyrus how to get rid of B613. Suggesting they eliminate their budget, a scared Cyrus tells Fitz to drop B613 because if he becomes too much of a problem they’ll take care of him -- just like they did with Kennedy.

So, what is Fitz trying to cover up? That’s what Jake and Huck are trying to get to the bottom of.

The reveal in episode 4 was that even though documents say that Fitz was the pilot on the Iran mission, the real pilot that day was Peter Foster. Jake tells Huck that he saw Fitz 10 hours later, and the pair narrow down the list of possible locations that Fitz could have been if he wasn’t flying the Iran mission.

Huck suspects that Fitz was in Iceland and presents Jake with the following information:

-A 747 carrying more than 300 passengers crashed in Iceland.

-The crash was blamed on “mechanical failure,” but a local fisherman claimed to have seen flares when the plane went down.

-If the witness was right, it’s possible that Fitz shot down the plane -- which would explain the flares.

-Satellite footage from the crash has been erased.

Jake believes the plane crash could just be a coincidence, but Huck drops the biggest bombshell of the evening: According to the 747 flight manifest, Maya Lewis was on that plane.

Who is Maya Lewis? Rowan’s deceased wife and Olivia’s mother.

What did you think of the major “Scandal” bombshell last night? Do you think Fitz killed Olivia’s mother? Let us know your thoughts on episode 5, “More Cattle, Less Bull.”