“Scandal” resumed its third season on Thursday night, and while Pope & Associates had to defend a sexting-happy senator, viewers learned a little bit more about Operation Remington and Peter Foster, the man that Huck killed.

In episode 4, “Say Hello To My Little Friend,” Olivia decided it was necessary to cut off her relationship with Jake after learning that her father manipulated Huck into killing again. Wanting to protect Jake, Huck and herself, Olivia tells Jake that she’s going back to Sunday dinners and that she never heard of B16 or him.

It's an unusual move on Olivia’s part to give up, and it’s obvious that she’s scared not only for her safety but the safety of the former B613 members. Unfortunately for her, Jake’s more interested in getting answers than keeping a low profile and goes to Huck to propose a plan to take down command. But Huck’s not on board and warns Jake to leave him and Olivia alone.

As Jake goes digging for more information, Fitz comes across an article in the newspaper that startles him – the death of Peter Foster.

So, who was Peter Foster? According to the newspaper, a local Navy pilot.

It turns out that Peter Foster was in the Navy at the same time as Fitz. He was honorably discharged but after that he experienced some bad luck, and ended up having almost nothing when he died.

Upon learning that Foster was going to have a minimal funeral because of his sister’s lack of funds, Fitz decides to have him buried in Arlington Cemetery.

“He was a good man,” the president tells Foster’s sister. “He was an American hero and he deserves to be buried as such.”

While the president claims to not have known Peter Foster, his involvement with the funeral has Cyrus so rattled that he sets up a meeting with Olivia’s father, Eli. What Eli and Cyrus don’t know, though, is that Jake is nearby listening in on their every word.

Their conversation reveals that Peter Foster had an original flight plan that could have stirred up a lot of trouble with Operation Remington. And while Foster claims to have flown 86 missions, only 85 are listed.

Jake takes the information he gathered and the conversation recording to Olivia, but she refuses to get involved. Not ready to give up on her, Jake leaves the recorder and papers on her desk. And while Olivia pretends it doesn’t exist, Huck decides to take a look.

The information on the flight plan papers Jake obtained triggers something from Huck’s memory of killing Peter Foster. He remembers that Foster had a tattoo of numbers and puts two and two together: that the numbers were the missing flight plan.

Huck takes his information to Jake, and the two former B613 members pay Olivia a visit to share what they know. Jake reveals that the Navy flight plan in question had five men involved – but Peter Foster wasn’t the pilot. Instead the pilot was none other than the president, Fitz.

So, why did Peter Foster have the tattoo saying he was the pilot? Huck and Jake believe it’s the same reason Eli Pope wanted Foster dead.

Episode 4 of “Scandal” concluded with Cyrus warning Fitz to let things stay buried or people will begin to dig.

“Do you think we can leave the past in the past, sir?” Cyrus asks, and Fitz nods his head in agreement. “Good, then that’s all we’ll say on this matter,” Cyrus concludes.

But Fitz isn’t done with the matter of Peter Foster or Operation Remington. Showing up at Eli Pope’s office, he confronts Olivia’s father: “This is a reunion. One that is long overdue.”

What do you think about the new information on Peter Foster and Operation Remington? Let us know your thoughts on season 3 episode 4 of “Scandal,” “Say Hello To My Little Friend.”