Scots on both sides of Thursday’s independence referendum have taken to social media platforms to spread their campaign messages before the polls close. Using the hashtags #indyref, #VoteNo and #VoteYes, Scots are spreading campaign slogans and attempting to educate voters in Scotland through Twitter and Instagram.

Voter turnout Thursday is expected to cross the 80 percent mark. The younger demographic of voters could be one of the reasons for such a large and varied social media campaign.

On one side there's “Yes Scotland,” a pro-independence campaign that is using digital campaign posters to encourage voters to cast a Yes ballot in the historic referendum on Scotland staying with or breaking away from the U.K. The campaign opposed to breaking away is run by “Better Together,” which has aimed to spread the message that the U.K. and Scotland would both benefit from voting "No" on Scotland’s independence referendum.  

Below are some of Scotland's best digital campaign posters: