“Scream Queens” stars John Stamos and Jamie Lee Curtis got a little too cozy with each other when they recently visited the FOX lounge to interview one another.

At some point during their chat, Stamos asked Curtis: “Who’s the cutest boy or girl you’ve had to kiss on national television?”

Instead of answering the question right away, the 57-year-old actress leaned in from her seat and kissed Stamos in the lips. After the lip-lock, Curtis answered, “Him,” while pointing at her 53-year-old co-star.

The Q&A between the two was so random that the two even mentioned that they actually starred in a number of yogurt commercials for the same company in the past. “We both did yogurt commercials. Did you know that?” Stamos asked Curtis.

“I know … for the same people,” Curtis replied. “Did they fire you, too?”

“They did, yeah,” Stamos said, before high-fiving Curtis, who plays Cathy Munsch on the FOX comedy-horror series.

While the two didn’t name the brand of yogurt they previously advertised, fans of the duo know that it’s Dannon Company’s Activia. Check out the pair’s Activia commercials below:

Meanwhile, no new episode of “Scream Queens” was aired last Tuesday night, as the show’s timeslot was taken over by the Vice Presidential Debate. But when the Ryan Murphy series returns next week, Stamos character, Dr. Brock Holt, has to put his best foot forward to win Chanel’s (Emma Roberts) heart before she walks down the aisle to marry another man.

According to the synopsis for Season 2, episode 2, Chad accuses Brock of being the killer and makes a shocking wedding proposal to Chanel. Popping the question to Chanel, however, puts Chad in a dangerous position, as Brock says in the preview clip that Chanel’s on-and-off boyfriend doesn’t know what the surgeon is capable of doing. Is the head doctor of C.U.R.E. Institute going to murder Chad using his literal serial killer hand? Only time will tell.

“Scream Queens” returns to FOX on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. ET.