Following all of the secrets that were revealed in episode 5 of “Secrets and Lies,” it’s going to be tough for the series to follow up Sunday night’s episode. But based on the synopsis for the “The Parent,” the ABC show may keep up roller coaster ride it’s been on.

After finally learning the truth about Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) past, including her mother and father of her child, Eric (Michael Ealy) will receive a mysterious visitor in Season 2, episode 6

It’s uncertain who the visitor will be, but the person does have a secret connection to Kate and will visit Eric in his office which will lead to him making a startling discovery. With the episode being titled, “The Parent,” the visitor could be Kate’s mother or the father of her child, Jake (Rod Rowland).

Eric’s relationship with Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) will also continue to worsen as Cornell begins to question if Eric even cares about finding Kate’s killer and Eric suggests that innocent men have been put in jail for talking to Cornell.

As for Cornell, on the second anniversary of the death of her partner, she will have her own mystery guest show up. The detective’s ex-husband, Ethan, will deliver bad news to her.

Meanwhile, tensions between Cornell and Danny (Kenny Johnson) will rise as the two threaten to thwart each other’s plans. In episode 5, it was revealed that Danny is a member of the New York Police Department with a warrant out for his arrest.

With everyone know butting heads, Eric’s trust for his brother Patrick (Charlie Barnett) may also be in trouble. While Eric says he still trust Patrick because they’re brothers, he reveals that he doesn’t trust Patrick’s wife, who he calls a brat.

ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” episode 6 airs on Sunday, Nov. 6, at 9:00 p.m.