“Everybody lies” has been a theme throughout Season 2 of ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” and in episode 5, “The Daughter,” that theme was more prevalent than ever.

After the cliffhanger ending in episode 4, which featured Eric (Michael Ealy) learning that Danny (Kenny Johnson) was a detective, there were many loose ends that needed to be tied together. Episode 5 began with Danny admitting that he was a detective, but his daughter Rachel (Virginia Gardner) really was missing.

In a flashback, Danny reveals that Rachel ran away after he caught her in her room with another man and told his daughter that she was just “sleeping her way through the whole senior class.” To Eric, this was just a case of a teenager running away from home but to Danny, an NYPD cop, he knows his daughter is in trouble.

As for why Danny was working with Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis), he revealed they started working together recently after something happened to him.

Following Danny’s departure from Eric’s apartment, we see Cornell in an interrogation room with Neil (Eric Winter). Neil admits that he knew Carly (Presilah Nunez), a call girl, and only lied about it because he didn’t want to be embarrassed. To corroborate Neil’s story, Cornell tried to get in touch with Carly but her phone was disconnected. Fortunately for Neil, he was not under arrest and was free to go.

Cornell then catches up with Eric and reveals that Neil was not Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) killer but she did have other information to deliver. Cornell hands Eric a stack of Kate’s mail that includes a credit card charge for a private DNA lab and was as a delinquent mortgage note for a house in Boone, Kate’s hometown. “I married a woman I knew nothing about,” Eric said to Cornell, before storming away.

In his office, Eric confronts Neil and his brother Patrick (Charlie Barnett) and asks Neil if he killed Kate. Neil tells Eric he didn’t do it and after a fight, Neil quits.

Trying to figure out Kate’s secret, Eric finds out that Kate made two phone calls to a home in Boone, but with no living relatives, Eric doesn’t know who Kate could have been in contact with. To try and figure out the truth, Eric heads to Boone with Patrick volunteering to tag along, but not before revealing that he knows more than he should.

After tracking down Carly through her escort service, Cornell and another detectives set up a plan to meet Carly. After setting up a date with Carly at a restaurant, Cornell has her brought into the station for an interrogation. As Carly is brought through the police station, she solicits a few looks from some of the detectives.

Carly admits that she was with Neil but reveals no other information that would be helpful in the case. While Carly knows Kate was killed, she has no idea who did it.

Finally arriving in Boone, Eric heads to the house that Kate paid the mortgage for. After knocking on the door, Eric is greeted by Kate’s mother, the woman he thought was dead. Unbeknownst to Kate’s mother, her daughter had paid her mortgage and she had no idea that she was killed.

Back in Charlotte, Eric’s sister, Amanda (Mekia Cox), is now questioned by Cornell. Amanda says she did not kill Kate and flashbacks to a moment they spent together. In the flashback, Kate reveals that when she was younger, she pursued a man that was dating someone else. She got the man and didn’t care who she was hurting.

Back in Boone, Kate’s mother says the phone number Kate was calling wasn’t hers, it was Jake’s (Rad Rowland), her ex-boyfriend — the man Kate stole from her mother. With the puzzle now coming together, Eric and Patrick headed to meet Jake. After giving Jake a black eye for sleeping with a 16-year-old Kate, Eric asks Jake a few questions.

Jake reveals that he was in contact with Kate and she recently visited Boone to meet with him. In a flashback, Jake details meeting with Kate to discuss the child they had. Kate was getting ready to make contact with the child she gave up for adoption and wanted to know if Jake wanted his identity to be revealed.

Back in Charlotte, Danny opens up about his daughter to Cornell, and revealed that his former partner, Charlie, killed himself and admitted to sexually assaulting Rachel. With the two clearly working together, Cornell tells Danny to keep a low profile.

Returning from Boone, Eric is confronted at his house by Danny who is trying to get Eric to work with him again. When it seems like Eric is finally about to come around, Amanda knocks on the door and reveals that Danny isn’t who he says he is.

“Your New York cop has a bench warrant out for his arrest,” reveals Amanda. “He’s using [his daughter] as an excuse because he was paid to throw the trial.” After Amanda places a call to the police department, we see Cornell being confronted about working with Danny. “Either place that cop under arrest or you’re suspended!” Major Bryant (David James Elliott) says to Cornell.