Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber only reconciled just days ago, but according to new rumors, the on-again, off-again couple are now expecting.

According to a report from Thursday, Bieber, 20, and Gomez, 21, are expecting not one baby, but two. “Sources close to Selena Gomez non-reluctantly spilled the beans, Selena is pregnant with twins! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are going to be parents,” reads the gossip site’s report, which also included an image of what is meant to be Gomez's alleged sonogram.

Allegedly the couple, rumored to have reunited earlier this month after officially splitting in 2012, discovered the pregnancy after the “Come & Get It“ singer recently underwent medical testing for blood pressure issues. According to the report the babies, reportedly "confirmed" to be fathered by Bieber, are scheduled to be born in mid-October. "They can’t wait for the [babies]," a source reportedly told the site, adding that the pair couldn’t be more “thrilled" about the pregnancy.

So is Selena Gomez really pregnant with twins? Not only is eBuzzd reporting that reps for the pair have since denied the pregnancy news, the publication's “About Me” section also confirms to only posting “fake” news on their site. “A site like eBuzzd is not a site about hoaxes, rather the eBuzzd site is itself a hoax,” admits the publication, which later added further confirmation that Gomez and Bieber’s pregnancy is nothing more than an internet hoax, saying, “Truth is, if you find stories on eBuzzd shocking or even real at all, then you should log off the Internet and go for a run. Basically, don't take anything serious on eBuzzd!”

Gomez and Bieber caused relationship status buzz last week after posting steamy videos showcasing their choreographed routine to John Legend’s “Ordinary People” on social media. Following the video's release, Bieber shared a telling message on Instagram Saturday, posting, “Life is worth living again.”

Gomez was last rumored to be pregnant last May after cancelling a scheduled appearance due to an explained illness. “Sorry everyone for having to cancel today,” Gomez tweeted after some chalked up the no-show to morning sickness. “I am not sure if I am sick or ate some bad food, but I feel horrible,” she later added.