New York City Mayor Bloomberg has expressed doubts about the Sept. 11 memorial -- just three days before it will be unveiled.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Bloomberg  -- who is the chairman of the 9/11 memorial foundation -- thinks that the construction of the 8-acre memorial plaza may have been rushed.

I always thought that we did it a little bit wrong, Bloomberg said Wednesday. We picked a design right away and then waited for things to quiet down before raising the money. You want to raise money when the juices are flowing and then have the perspective of history as opposed to journalism to design things that go on for a long time.

The connection between today and 100 years from now is pretty tenuous, he added. Hopefully this memorial will still ... give a message 100 years from now.

Bloomberg also said the he did not want to be known as the 9/11 Mayor -- a title that former Mayor Guliani is not likely to relinquish.

I don't know that I want to be remembered in terms of 9/11, he said. I want the public to remember that somebody was there -- not even knowing who they were. That they built the right thing. That they did the right thing. That they made the right decisions.

He also discussed a controversial decision to end the tradition of reading aloud the names of 9/11 victims on the anniversary of the tragedy.

The names were read because there was no other place where you could see the names. Now the names are all around both the (memorial) voids, he said.

And maybe it is time.