Serena Williams is mostly known for her tennis prowess -- and her bold fashion risks -- but it appears that deep underneath all those power muscles is a rapper yearning to break free.

And break free she did.

She recorded some music last year with the B Major Music Group in Florida, according to TMZ, and now the celebrity gossip website has released a sample.

She raps about balling hard and insists she can't see haters through my Gucci glasses. She name checks her older sister -- and fellow tennis pro -- Venus Williams. Also, it's no one's business how much money she makes.

On the court I serve em' up, no subpoena, she raps.

Williams doesn't seem too chuffed about the rap leak. She tweeted at Bryant McKinnie, who owns the record studio in which she did the song, according to TMZ: Dear @BryantMckinnie I hate you. Lol. 

It's not clear, however, if he did the actual leaking.

He did respond to her tweet, though: Hey @serenawilliams ur still my best friend lol.

Some fans are embracing the idea of Williams' new venture.

The only thing wrong with Serena's rap track is that it's not 10 hours long, one woman tweeted. MORE PLEASE.

Not everyone is feeling the song, however.

Someone with the Twitter handle @GhostwritaMusic tweeted I don't wanna hear a solitary Serena Williams bar. Keep it away from my life.

What do you think of Serena Williams' rap style? New career or vanity project?