An Australian civil servant is suing the government for workman's compensation after she was injured while having sex on a business trip.

The unidentified woman told an Australian court that she was hurt when a hotel light fixture fell from the ceiling mid-coitus in 2007. She claimed to have suffered a number of injuries in the room paid for by her employer, including injuries to her nose, mouth and "a consequent psychiatric injury," according to the Daily Telegraph.

The woman's lawyer claims that any harm sustained during sex should be treated like any other work-related injury. He equates it to slipping in a hotel shower or being attacked on the street "by thugs."

"Having sex is just one of those things," the Australian barrister Leo Grey told a Federal Court.

"It's not the 1920s, after all."

The government's workplace safety office refused to pay for damages. They claim that sex is not a “necessary activity” for a motel room, unlike showering, sleeping or eating.

The gentleman who was present during the maiming testified in court on Thursday.

"I do not know if we bump the light or it just fell off," The Age quotes the man saying.

"I think she was on her back when it happened but I was not paying attention because we are rolling around.”

The case has been making its way through the Australian court system. The suit was recently heard in an Administrative Appeals Tribunal, where a judge sided with the government, but the employee appealed and took the case to federal court.

The woman no longer works for the Australian government. The judge has yet to deliver his verdict.