Things are getting crazy in the Gallagher house and Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is looking for a little zen.

After learning that his children and their gaggle of friends are responsible for the month long coma he woke up from in Season 7, episode 1, Frank (William H. Macy) decides to reclaim the family home — and he’s taking one of the Gallagher kids with him. According to a synopsis in the hopes of winning the war against his family, Frank will attempt to take Liam (Brenden Sims) “under wing,” having his youngest son join him in his portion of the house. While there’s no telling how this will play out with the rest of the family, we’re sure Fiona won’t take this one lying down.

Meanwhile Debbie’s (Emma Kenney) still stealing strollers — that is, until her once lucrative, yet highly illegal, business hits a major snag. She’s not the only Gallagher kid who will run into trouble during the episode, titled “Swipe, F---, Leave.” Carl’s (Ethan Cutchosky) brief sex life will be cut short, at least temporarily. The synopsis does not give much away, but judging by the trailer it seems likely that his sudden forced abstinence will be related to a health problem. Amid the chaos Fiona will try to find her center. She jumps back into an old hobby — running — which helps chill her out, benefiting both her work and personal life. The Season 7, episode 2 synopsis suggests that Fiona will switch up her once strict method running Patsy’s Pies in the hopes of major payoffs with employees.

When the show premiered its seventh season on Oct. 2, it kicked things off with a bang. After being pushed into an ice cold river, Frank awakened in a hospital with little to no memory of his last conscious day. He was released and returned to his usual haunt, The Alibi, to knock back a few brews and put together the pieces. The Gallagher patriarch quickly learned who was responsible for his undoing and stormed out — as best he could in a wheelchair. He returned to the family home to find that his family had not been looking for him and was not interested in caring for him post-hospitalization.

Everyone is wrapped up in their own lives — Debbie is swimming in money after stealing several pricey strollers and reselling them online, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is fresh out of rehab and ready to get back to it, Carl is determined to make his penis “normal” for Dominique (Jaylen Barron) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is struggling to trust his firefighter boyfriend. Although the Gallagher house is in shambles, as always, next door at Kev (Steve Howey) and V’s (Shanola Hampton) everything's coming up roses. The pair has settled into a rhythm with Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter), the latest addition to their pre-existing relationship, and are getting their lives together.

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