A new season of “Shameless” kicks off in just over a month and if the trailer is any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be a good one. Last we saw the Gallagher family they believed they’d finally gotten rid of Frank (William H. Macy) and newly single Fiona (Emmy Rossum) was getting her ducks in a row after her wedding crashed and burned.

Showtime released a second trailer for the upcoming season this week, revealing more about what fans should expect to see from the Gallaghers when the show returns Oct. 2. The promo kicks off with Frank returning to his old stomping grounds (The Alibi bar) after waking up in the hospital once again. He quickly puts the pieces together, realizing that his family betrayed him. This revelation sets the tone for some serious drama in Season 7. Meanwhile, Fiona is getting serious about her role as Gallagher matriarch — but could she finally be nearing her breaking point? As for the rest of the family, it’s business as usual, though usual is subjective in this household.

Here are seven things you may have missed in the newly released “Shameless” trailer:

1. Frank’s got a new family:

After learning that his family is responsible for him having been hospitalized and spending a month in a coma, Frank decides it’s time to replace them. He visits what appears to be a local shelter where he hand selects fill-ins for his children and returns to the Gallagher house. Frank creates a physical division between his old and new family, but does his rag-tag crew stand a chance against a group of Gallaghers? We think not.

2. Fiona’s taking no prisoners:

After being betrayed by fiancé Sean (Dermot Mulroney), Fiona is back in her childhood home with her siblings and niece. The Gallagher matriarch will get serious about paying bills and getting things done during Season 7, using skills she obtained in her role as manager at Patsy’s Pies to rule the roost. It remains unclear how her plans to reign with an iron fist will be received by her pseudo kids, who were frustrated with her rules in Season 6.

3. Debbie’s finally learning the Gallagher way:

During Season 6, fans watched as Debbie (Emma Kenney) tricked her beau into having a child with her (which, sadly, didn’t work out as she planned). In the upcoming season, the youngest Gallagher girl will take her questionable lifestyle a step further, stealing to help make ends meet at home. Unfortunately, it seems the novice thief’s days of living a life of crime are numbered.

4. Carl’s got girl troubles:

After landing the girl of his dreams in Season 6, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) appears to have run into a bit of a problem. The newly sexually active teen is accused of having passed along a sexually transmitted infection to his new boo. Although it’s curable, Carl may never get a chance to seek medical help if Domonique’s (Jaylen Barron) father gets ahold of him.

5. Fiona’s focusing on herself for once:

After finally realizing that she’s been focusing on everyone’s needs except her own, Fiona decides it’s time for some self-care. It’s unclear from the clip what that means for the rest of the family, however.

6. Lip will get help:

Gallagher DNA runs deep and there are plenty of bad genes swimming around in that pool. During Season 6, Lip’s (Jeremy Allen White) once promising future was brought to a screeching halt when he fell into a habit of drinking his problems away. In Season 7, it appears he’s had a moment of clarity and decides to set some boundaries for himself. Don’t get crazy, though — he’s not giving up the sauce for good.

7. Ian continues to struggle with his mental health:

For much of Season 6 Ian (Cameron Monaghan) appeared to have taken control of his manic bipolar disorder. He was taking his medication, found a job he’s passionate about and fell in love. The Season 7 trailer suggests that all of that will be put on the line when the show returns as he grapples with what to do about his disease.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in Season 7? Tune in to Showtime Sunday, Oct. 2, at 9 p.m. EDT for the premiere.