Sharon Osbourne tweeted she will not return to NBC's "America's Got Talent" next season, after fellow judge Howard Stern claimed he wasn't sure he'd be back either. The incident has left many at NBC confused as to what's going on.

The kerfuffle began when Stern's satellite radio show Twitter account claimed the shock jock wasn't sure he'd returning to the show after this, his maiden season. It also claimed Osbourne would leave unless her pay was bumped higher.

"My darling @HowardStern, money is not the reason I'm not returning to @nbcagt, it's because . . . " Osbourne tweeted, leaving the ellipsis and nothing more.

The exchange caught NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt unaware, and stammering to explain it away.

"I have nothing to say about Sharon Osbourne other than this is coming out of context and sort of spontaneously and we don't really know what's going on," he later said, according to the Washington Post. "I think it's much ado about nothing."

Osbourne is apparently under contract for several seasons with the show, according to the Post. She joined AGT in 2007.