Royal Dutch Shell officials in Nigeria claim the cleanup of the company's 40,000 barrel oil leak has been hampered by a third party oil spill, but that the company's 40,000 barrels of spilt oil have been dispersed.

Company officials claimed victory over the spill on Christmas day, citing the company's robust response brought a swift end to the spill first reported two weeks ago. Using boom and chemical dispersants, Shell Nigeria claims the oil spill, likely the worst in Nigeria in years, is contained and has not reached the country's coast line.

Officials with the company said a third party vessel, which coincidentally leaked crude oil in the same region, has added to the company's cleanup task. Officials said on Monday that some of the third party crude has reached the shore and that Shell will clean it up along with any residual oil from its Bonga well.

All necessary measures will be taken to protect the coastline, wildlife and the communities that live there, and where necessary to clean onshore areas, said  Mutiu Sunmonu, Shell Nigeria's country chair on Monday. We do not believe that any of the oil from Bonga has reached the shore.

On Dec. 20 a leak was reported from Shell's Bonga well, located roughly 75 miles offshore of Nigeria. A preliminary investigation indicated a support pipeline failed and suffered a small tear, from which leaked 40,000 barrels of oil.

The leak took place as oil was being transferred into an awaiting tanker.