“Sister Wives” Season 7 Spoilers
The Brown family will celebrate Thanksgiving in Season 7, episode 3 of “Sister Wives.” TLC

The Brown family will gather around the table during the forthcoming Season 7 episode of “Sister Wives” to celebrate Janelle’s favorite holiday — Thanksgiving. But, according to the promo video for the upcoming installment, titled “Thanksgiving: The Good, the Bad, The Ugly,” the festive celebration will take a disastrous turn when Meri and Janelle attempt to team up for décor duty.

During episode 2 of the hit TLC reality series, Kody’s sister wives attended their first therapy session to discuss their issues with one another. (Meri is quite blunt with her feelings while Janelle needs time to process her emotions.) Thanks to the help of their family therapist, the two learned that they need to respect their differences and try to work together. So, Janelle proposed that they shop for Thanksgiving decorations as a team — an idea Meri didn’t entirely agree with.

Viewers will find out why Meri was so hesitant to shop with Janelle during episode 3 of “Sister Wives.” According to the trailer for the forthcoming installment, Meri will call Janelle out for leaving her with a bulk of the decorating when it was Janelle’s idea in the first place.

“Here’s the deal, if we do this I can’t do it on my own,” she says to Janelle.

But Meri isn’t the only one feeling frustrated. Janelle feels like Meri has completely taken over her turkey day project while Kody, the patriarch of the plural family, reveals that his ideas for seating arrangements aren’t being executed by his first wife.

In the trailer for episode 3, Kody calls Meri out for not listening to the way he would like the table to be set up, which is when Meri throws her sister wife Christine under the bus for being the mastermind behind the seating chart.

“Sometimes it’s easier for me to not have Kody mad at me,” she says, explaining why she pins the problem on Christine.

“Sister Wives” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.